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The Uke Adoption Agency

For the seme that needs an uke

The Uke Adoption Agency - for Roleplayers
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Welcome to the Uke Adoption Agency. This is a very special yaoi community where lonely seme-types can find the uke of their dreams! (In other words, if you RP a seme and need someone to play the uke, you've come to the right place.)

Still a bit confuzzled? 'Uke' is the submissive partner, or bottom in a pairing...'seme' is the dominant partner, or the top. And yaoi is love between two male characters. Making sense? Good! Anyway...

Ukes looking for a seme are encouraged to join our community and create a profile for themselves. This way seme players can get to know you better and figure out if you're compatible for rping. Semes who like to switch are also encouraged to post their information. If you find that one of the players listed might work out well for you, drop them a line. If you can't find someone right away, add the community to your watch list and wait until the right one makes its appearance. If you've got a specific idea in mind or don't have time to browse, check the community's memories to get a quick look at who likes what.

What you can post: Player ads: ukes and switches preferred, semes can also post information here too as it would be helping the members locate a partner. You may also post information on communities that would help our members find partners/a place to rp. Character profiles, artwork, storylines you'd like to try, all of those things can also be posted here. (NEW) After one month minimum you may post a second ad, because sometimes player preferences change.


Hints and Suggestions: Be as detailed as possible. It is helpful to include the usual statistics along with things like what you like, what you can't stand, when you can play, and how to contact you (default option being through the comments system). Also feel free to include rp samples, pictures, links, etc. Anything that will help. Here is a sample outline you can use (items in parentheses can be deleted; they serve merely as help for filling in the ad):

Name/Handle: (self-explanatory...so we don't call you John or Jane Doe)

How to Contact Me: (AIM, MSN, Email, or Entry Comments)

I am Available to Play: (list when you can rp and your time zone as well)

Types of Ukes I Play: (are you lovable and klutzy and easy-pickin'? Or does it take a chair over the head and hypnotic trances just to get you to say yes? Maybe you hide your emotions cleverly, or you have Shuichi-syndrome... Exisiting chara profiles and pictures can go here too.)

Genres: (this can be story types like science fiction or mystery or you can list fandoms. Original counts as well.)

What Will Win Me Over: (this tells the seme player really what you're looking for)

What I Can't Stand: (speak them now or forever hold your peace. This covers characters AND personal rping quirks.)

Kinks: (master/servant, torture, shota, leather, tentacles, suits, glasses, bondage, etc.)

RP Style: (do you like your entries long and written like a novel? Or do you prefer the present tense with action separated from dialogue? Be sure to say so here.)

Level: (put your level of experience in RPing here, or how long you've been playing. Some people prefer someone who knows what they're doing, others like the open-mindedness of a newbie.)

The Offer Stands Until: (if you don't want anyone to contact you after a set amount of time that your ad is placed, put that information here)

Extra: (this is a good spot to mention anything you didn't get to mention in the other fields, like rp samples, pictures, etc.)

Last but not least, please check back often, and be sure to check ALL of our profiles. Sometimes the good ones are at the very end.

Thanks for reading, and we wish you luck on your search for an rp partner.

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