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LiveJournal for The Uke Adoption Agency - for Roleplayers.

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Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Subject:Looking for Long or Short Term Rp Partners
Posted by:pocoscon.
Time:9:59 pm.
Hi, my name is Elle and I'm looking for some friendly people to rp with whether it be short term or long term. I'm 21 years old and have been roleplaying for about two years now. I've really grown to love it and am excited to see the creativity of others =).


I play Uke or Seme, though I'm much better at Seme. My friend is teaching me to do Seme however, so I'm okay being it =). For Semes, mine are usually a bit on the submissive side and loved being teased. I can have them dominate though, but I'm new to writing them like that. Ukes for me have many varieties. They can be submissive, dominate, hard to get and so on. I actually am unpredictable in what I do with them, so I'm not too sure what main way I make them.

If it's yuri or hetero, I'm also a mix bag. I'll admit for hetero I prefer being the girl, though I don't usually do hetero. I'm opening to trying it though.

Plot Ideas:

I'm open for any plot ideas. Some can be thought out, or we could just go into a simple ideas. My best stories though have the themes of fantasy, supernatural, horror, and slice of life. I'm okay with sci-fi and maybe cyberpunk, but they're not my best. I also love mythical creatures.


Yes! I'm fine with smut. However, I prefer if it wasn't just mindless sex or some random scene that jumps into it. However, if the rp is a short one and the sex happens early, I'm okay with that.


I'm not a grammar nazi, so it's okay if you have mistakes. I also don't mind single paragraphs at times, but I do like detail in the scenes we do. I'm also kind of okay with script styled writing, but you have to be able to add enough to keep me interested in the rp. I also accept third and first person and past or present.


Will do anime rp's, but I need to know the series enough to do it. Also accept Oc's.

Anyway, I hope to meet some cool people and have fun roleplaying with them. If you're interested at all just send me an invite at skype. My user name is sleipnir536. Hope to rp soon =).

Ps-For mail, please ask me and I'll give that to you instead.
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Friday, December 12th, 2014

Subject:Looking for Uke to play
Posted by:vegavoltaire.
Time:12:08 pm.
Contact Info: vegavoltaire@gmail.com

I'm a natural Seme, but I have a few uke traits in me that make me a bit different from the rest. Most if not all my characters range from possessive seme to just plan lazy seme that hardly speak to anyone else other than their mate or mates. Some are quite the kinkster while others are lawn chair layers and proud of it. I do a few uke males too, but all my females are stone cold semes lol. Its just how it turns out I guess. I'm on rather frequently and up for just about anything once, but there are some things I just can't see myself doing.

Dos: I can do tease and torture, light play, possessive play, a bit forced, humiliation, age play, the dad complex, the bro/sister complex, young love so long as its not too young. And I don't shy away from the good old fashion guy/girl pairing. People seem to overlook a 'normal' relationship in the sea of kinkiness most days.

Don'ts: Nothing too gory or crazy evil please, nothing with scat, but spontaneous urination is actually a big deal to one of my characters. Nothing beyond a threesome, mainly because I just can't seem to keep track of all the limbs lol. Animal play, (like girl under male dog thing.._.) But half forms are allowed.

Storylines: I'm an open book really, but if it happens to be a really depressing story line, I may just get too somber to play as much as a more comical story line. Sci fi is cool, Fantasy, Ero, School Life, are all good for me. Full porn and smut are kinda fast flames to me and I get board from story starvation. lol

As a writer: I'm looking for preferably a female writer into uke characters that need strong, interesting semes. But I can work with Seme/Seme pairing too, or reverse. I stick to the three to five line rule, third person, novel style. I love trying out new ideas, but cliches can work so long as you give them a twist. Kinda want a go with the flow co writer.

Thank you for your time. :D
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Monday, September 1st, 2014

Subject:Searching for a Seme~
Posted by:thishattegirl.
Time:5:09 pm.
Name/Handle: Hatter or Hattie, please

How to Contact Me: thishattergirl@gmail.com

I am Available to Play: I will reply at least a few times everyday. My time zone is UTC-06:00 (US Central)

Types of Ukes I Play: I like to think I can play any kind, from cutesy/oblivious to bottom-dominate/stubborn. The only kind I refuse to play are girly boys (the ones that act like a preteen girl but have a penis) Sorry, those bother me. Finally, I can switch, if need be.

Genres: Romance, fantasy, slice of life, medieval, science fiction, post apocalyptic. Most anything accept horror and heavy action (I'm horrible at writing fighting scenes.)
I do original and fandom roleplays (fanmade character and canon characters as well.) For most fandoms, I like fanmade characters with the setting. I've listed below what I specifically do.
Fandoms: Hetalia (canon characters only, unless it's a human!fancharacter), Ouran High School Host Club (fanmade and canon characters), Soul Eater (fanmade and canon characters). Vampire Academy/Bloodlines (fanmade characters), Harry Potter (fanmade and sometimes canon characters), Percy Jackson (fanmade and sometimes canon characters), Hunger Games (fanmade characters).

What Will Win Me Over:
Open minded people (like, not the character being played but the actual roleplayers).
Creative plots and being willing to contribute to them.
Playing multiple characters. It doesn't always have to happen, but people who can do this are amazing in my book.
Not disappearing on me.
Daddy play.
Alice in Wonderland. That is a huge thing for me. If someone does a plot where a character or falls into Wonderland, I'll melt.

What I Can't Stand:
Bathroom play.
Unrealistic characters (Mary Sues/Gary Stus).
Characters falling in love immediately.
Gang rape is a big no.
Main character death.
Jerky characters continuously being assholes through the whole roleplay.
There may be a few things I didn't mention, but I accept most things.

I like daddy play, a situation with a father figure (possibly a best friend of the parents, maybe older brother taking over, stepdad, foster father, teacher, etc. if not the actual father) and a more submissive character.
Ageplay/Age gaps/shota.
Cosplay sex.
There are some I may not have mentioned, because this list will be huge. Ask me, and I'll say yes or no (I'll usually say yes or be willing to try.)

RP Style: I reply with one, maybe two, paragraphs. Past tense. Like you're reading a novel. As long as you reply with 2 or 3+ sentences, I like you.

Level: I've been roleplaying for years now (I haven't kept track, at least five years maybe).

The Offer Stands Until: Gallifrey falls (kidding). Until I take this down. I'm always up for a new roleplay.

Extra: I like making friends with my partners OOC, if possible. The problem is that I'm shy, so I probably won't start talking first.
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Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Subject:Original smut
Posted by:ext_2737882.
Time:8:43 am.
Hiya, my name is Eternal , am a tomboy and I am new to Livejournal! :D

I'm looking for a smut rp partner, would love a awesome smut or hentai, with an original story and original characters. Please be above the age of 18, okie? :3

I am pretty specific when it comes to details, so here it is:

Name: call me Eternal or Tommie
Gender: all lady-ness (female)
Age: 21
RP experience: several years under my belt.
How I roleplay: past tense, third person, multi-paragraph.
Email: tommythesmutgirl1992@gmail.com

I like to play F/F or M/F(me being the girl, because... I'm a girl!x3) but no M/M, please... I like to be submissive/uke but can be dominant/seme too, depending on my female characters.

Use of playby pictures? yes! if you won't mind.

Genres I like: romance, slice of life, oh and erotic!(who would've guessed!)
Genres I don't like: fantasy, supernatural, horror.

Kinks I have: oral <3, toys, masturbation, hardcore sex, foreplay, certain fetishes, teasing, that type of stuff.
Kicks I don't like: you know...gore, vomiting, blood, necro, and so on. The eww-stuff. lol

Plots: I like stories, but I don't like complicated ones(please!). I like it to be simple, yet fun and intriguing. And I prefer for you to suggest me a plot first? If not, then I will try to help out. No problem there. ^_^

That's about it I think... <3 Ask my anything you'd like. (not the private stuff please.)
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Subject:Cross-posting, yo.
Posted by:generationxwing.
Time:11:12 am.
Hey, gang.

I'm still looking for original M/M Rp. I've got a couple players who I love, but I want to build up and out and find a couple new ones for those times when I'm up late or home on a day off and have no one to talk to. (Mostly bottom, but I've taken on more of a switch role, since tops are hard to find.)

I'm also still dying for Thor/Loki RP. Hey, you have an Avengers character you want to play against Loki? Come say hi. I have a bitchy Loki!muse in my head, and I don't get to use him often. Or, y'know, at all lately. Where'd the Avengers fandom go, anyway?

Almost any kink is all right by me, beyond vore/gore/scat/loli/shota stuff. If I enjoy the RP, and if you're funky fresh, I'm more than willing to toss in some extra kink/smut if it fits.

IM only. I get bored with e-mail.

AIM - berzerkerfarfie
Skype - maracopland

Also, if you have a really good M/F plot, I might consider it. I also play trans characters. However, and since I've been asked this a couple times lately, I will not play a lesbian in a sexual relationship with a man. No. Nope. Not happening. (I also won't play lesbian RP. Sorry. I just find it boring. /worst lesbian ever.)
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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Posted by:feathers_mad.
Time:9:30 pm.
Name/Handle: I go by Feather.

How to Contact Me: Email please. maplepasta13@gmail.com

I am Available to Play: I'm available almost all the time. On weekdays, I won't be able to check my email until after three or four, central time, though.

Types of Ukes I Play: I play all types really. I have a lot of pre-made characters (ranging from the extremely stubborn to shy and quiet) and I often make characters for new roleplays when I get them. The only kind I don't play is the stereotypical uke that will automatically spread his legs to the first person who asks. Mine tend to have some bite. As a side note, I also play sekes. A lot of my characters can switch.

Genres: I very much enjoy original roleplays. There are a few fandoms I can do (Hetalia, being the main one). Mainly, though, I enjoy original roleplays. As for genres, it really varies. I love romance, obviously. Romance is my main thing. I also like adventures and fantasy(love fantasy), as well as supernatural themes. Medieval, too. I love kings and servants. That universe is always fun.

What Will Win Me Over: As long as he isn't a complete jerkface, I'm totally for it. Possessive is always fun. Protective is lovely. Just not completely and utterly overpowering. Basically, not the stereotypical seme.

What I Can't Stand: Stereotypical semes! Waterspots. Any type of vomit or scat fetishes. Huge age differences. Characters under fifteen engaging in sexual acts. Non-con and rape. Smut being the main focus. People disappearing without notice or crappy one liners.

Kinks: Bondage, age gaps (to an extend), master/servant, teacher/student, incest, crossdressing/cosplay, toys, glasses, tattoos, that's a start to the list. This can really go on. So, just ask and I'll say yes or no to it.

RP Style: Paragraph/novel/however you want to say it. Just don't give me script or a short one liner. Give me two plus well thought out sentences.

Level: I've only been roleplaying for a few years now. Don't judge just because I haven't done it long. That says nothing for how good I am.

The Offer Stands Until: I decided to take this down. So, probably to infinity.

Extra: I mainly do yaoi, prefer it most of the time, but can also do yuri for the right idea.
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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Subject:Looking for a new partner (or more than that)
Posted by:generationxwing.
Time:9:29 pm.
I do mainly original plots, M/M. It's possible I'll try M/F if it grabs me, but I stay away from F/F. (I'll do M/Trans too). I'll do Avengers/MCU stuff, but I prefer to play Loki. Maybe Steve.

1. I love smut, but I like it to come naturally into the plot. If that feels like it's early, awesome. If it takes a little while, awesome, but I'm not going to hold off for the sake of holding off if it feels right.

2. Third person, novel style, paragraph or so per post. I do this to unwind and relax, not work on a thesis. (Please, no one-liners)

3. Kinks welcome. I have an f-list if you'd like. Very few kinks turned down. I prefer to bottom, but I'm happy to switch now and then.

4. If you're going to disappear, do me a favor, and don't bother messaging me.

AIM - berzerkerfarfie

I can do e-mail too, or Skype if you need, but I prefer AIM.

Hope to hear from someone.
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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Subject:Strong Seme
Posted by:eldernightflock.
Time:8:51 pm.
Mood: calm.
Name/Handle: Arden

How to Contact Me: message me @ eldernightflock on AIM or message here. 

I'm Available to Play: GMT -6 (US Central)

Types of Semes I Play: I play strong semes, but not arrogant dicks. I can do the strong, silent type, as well as the sensitive and loving type. I can do rough to a point, but will not entertain a request for an abusive seme. 

Genres: I don't do genres too often -- if you have something in mind, let me know.

Originals: This is my forte, and love to come up with original characters, plots and even 'universes'. What's that mean? Message me and find out.

What will win me over: 
    • You actually answer IMs and/or do not disappear for days/weeks on end.
    • collapsedjester (see a few posts below) said it best: They're (the uke) still going to be guys and they're not going to put up with being treated like babies just because they take it like a champ in the bedroom.
    • If you can put up with my schedule (late night) 

    Ukes I Love: sweet and loving, feisty and stubborn, quiet and a 'tough nut to crack', semi-seme (wants to fight for dominance) but ok with not winning and more.

    What I can't stand: anything underage, physical abuse (character background is fine...), bodily fluids other than the obvious, ukes that are constant crying or super girly. Also, disappearing forever and not writing more than a sentence.

    Kinks: Vampires/humans, vampire/vampire, master/servant, and on and on...again, if you have an idea, I'm up for it. I'm in vampire-mode right now though, so be warned. Hah!

    RP Style: Third person only. I write in full paragraph(s), but won't overwhelm with a novel.

    Level: I used to write for a living, and have been rping since... 2004? I'm sure I have a thing or two to learn still though.

    The offer stands until: death do us part.

    Smut?: Yes, but there MUST be plot.
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    Saturday, April 28th, 2012

    Subject:Looking for a seme <3
    Posted by:aya42na.
    Time:2:02 am.
    Name/Handle: Aya

    How to Contact Me: Please email me first; se.shu.rinla (@) gmail.com

    I am Available to Play: GMT+1 (But I have a lot of free time and are often online!)

    Types of Ukes I Play: I have one uke that is really sweet and loving. Then I have another uke boy who is more boyish and more of a fighter. I can play any type of uke really, as long as I don't have to make them super whiney or super girly (to the extent that I have to put boobs on them! I don't want to play a transvestite!)

    Genres: I mostly do modern or something with vampires. I'm not a very big sci-fi or fantasy fan but it depends on!

    What Will Win Me Over:

    + If we could become friends!
    + If you didn't mind a few mistakes! English isn't my first language.
    + I would be very happy if you could plot together with me and just have a fun time doing this!
    + If you like to RP a lot!
    + If you can play all kinds of semes and wouldn't mind rougher ones!
    + I don't mind if you use Jrockers as a face or personality for your original character. It's not a must, but if you like Japan and such, it's a plus =)

    What I Can't Stand:

    - One liners!
    - Grammar nazis!
    - People who doesn't put any effort into plotting or coming up with ideas.
    - People who can't be honest. Please tell me if something is bad / wrong!
    - Please don't start writing with me and then disappear for months!

    Kinks: Master/servant, mafia/victim , arranged/forced marriage, age difference, Stockholm syndrome, singer/fan (or make up artist), vampire/human etc etc.

    RP Style: Third person. Some of my posts are longer and some are shorter, but I'm not the person who writes novel sized posts. I don't do one liners though, so don't worry!

    Level: I've been roleplaying for over 5 years, but I still have stuff to learn. So an open mind would be great!

    The Offer Stands Until: Forever!

    Extra: I'm a really nice and happy person. You will hopefully find a great rp partner and friend in me! So please don't hesitate to contact me! I'd love to get the rp going! Thanks!
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    Friday, October 14th, 2011

    Subject:Here's to hoping... (Seme searching for Uke)
    Posted by:ext_832533.
    Time:4:08 am.
    Name/Handle: Just call me Suri. Honestly, I’m listing my information below… I can play as uke if you preferred.
    How to Contact Me: ashtain@hotmail.com (I’m on it the most)
    I am Available to Play: Every day mostly. I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, though, I do have periods where I just don’t feel like getting on my computer. Rest assured, it only lasts a day or two.

    Types of Semes I Play: I typically like to play the emotionless and self-centered seme that needs to be convinced into caring about someone else outside of himself. I also like to play as the protective yet possessive type that will get into the mindset that he owns you and will treat you as such. I have a newer seme that I’ve been wanting to try out; he’s rather prissy and opinionated; a bit of an attention seeker due to the fact that his parents ignore him (he’s a teenager). Lately, I’ve developed a fondness for the shy, quiet and nice seme that allows the ukes to come to him.

    Genres: Generally original. There aren’t too many fandoms that I do, though, don’t be afraid suggest one anyway.

    What Will Win Me Over: A seme that is willing to be submissive for mine, but of course, not without the power struggle beforehand. I absolutely adore the shy uke types, but don’t go overboard with it. I also have developed a fondness for the manipulative types. I’d also enjoy it if smut wasn’t a huge requirement of my partner. I’m not comfortable with smut writing, but can give it a shot if you truly want me to do so. Someone that has a general grasp of grammar… Someone I can bounce ideas off of… And I suppose someone that’ll actually talk in OOC.
    What I Can't Stand: Smut being the main course of the story. Extreme anything (i.e., gore). Having to literally decipher the reply that has been sent to me… Having to come up with the plots… Incest and probably huge age gaps...
    Kinks: Those who believe they can do as they please… Intelligence… Shyness… Bestiality/furries… Abuse.

    RP Style: Novel or script. I prefer third person.

    Level: About six years, including the many breaks I have taken from roleplaying.
    The Offer Stands Until: Whenever I feel like taking this down.
    Extra: I don’t use pictures when roleplaying but can go find some if it’s really that much of an issue for you.

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    Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

    Subject:Got milk?
    Posted by:therys.
    Time:8:34 pm.
    Name/Handle: Therys

    How to Contact Me: MSN: Iloveyoochun@live.nl // Email: kristelxx@gmail.com (though when you add me on msn, please let me know in the invitation you found me here!)

    I am Available to Play: Every day except Sunday morning/afternoon - GMT+1 (NL)

    Types of Ukes I Play: I love to play the shy dependent ukes, though any kind will do for me. (though, I have a huge aversion to crybaby uke a la Shuichi Shindo, so please don't ask me to RP one..)

    Genres: Original settings mostly, just the drama, romance, high school romance, business affairs, you name it! Though I really, explicitly do not do fantasy themed RPs.

    What Will Win Me Over: I'm looking for a seme that can deal with shy type ukes as well as short-tempered ukes. Someone who doesn't mind a few kinks and can come up with long-term, interesting and original plots!

    What I Can't Stand: Godmodding and too tsundere semes.. Also people who do not put any effort in getting the plot along. Also, no PWP.. I'm seriously looking for someone that's willing to RP a long-term story with me. Another things, no one-liners!

    Kinks: master/slave, shota (though no crybaby shota), bondage, crossdressing/cosplay, neko boys, voyeurism.

    RP Style: I only do novel style in past tense.

    Level: I've been rping for 5 years now with some periods off.

    The Offer Stands Until: N/A, I mean, it's always nice to find and meet new people right ;).

    Extra: Can I get my milk now?
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    Monday, September 26th, 2011

    Subject:Drumroll Please...
    Posted by:somebodiesnoone.
    Time:12:19 am.
    Mood: accomplished.
    Name/Handle: Heather.

    How to contact me: (Yahoo! IM) Youko_kurama68@yahoo.com (MSN) youko_kurama68@yahoo.com (AIM) masochisticlam

    I am available to play: Due to the sporadic nature of my schedule I can sometimes be found online in the early morning, during the evening, or late into the night.

    Types of ukes I play: I tend to play semes, but because I'm hard-up for role-play partners I'm willing to budge of course. My ukes tend to be bastardly, stubborn, or manipulative in nature. If you have something else in mind, I'd be willing to discuss whatever it is that you may be interested in.

    Genres: Any, really. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in honestly.

    What will win me over: (1) Individuals with grammatical sense and awareness. (2) Unique and interesting writing styles. (3) Thoroughly-developed characters.

    What I can't stand: (1) Words used out of their appropriate context. (2) Lack of detail. (3) Posts that are less than thought-provoking.

    Kinks: Confident/cocky atittudes. Glasses. Gloves. Dry-humping. Bondage. Piercings. Tattoos. Knife-play. Guns. Forced orgasms. There's not much that intimidates me, but I'm not exactly down with everything either (i.e toilet play, etc).

    RP Style: Novella, mostly.

    Experience: Four years, almost five.

    The Offer Stands Until: Whenever I remove the post or can no longer be reached at my current e-mail.

    Extra: I don't like to think that I'm picky, but I am when it comes to my role-play partners. A lot of people who have tried to RP with me before just don't inspire me or capture my attention as far as their writing is concerned. How I feel about your writing isn't a reflection of how I feel about you as a person, so if I don't like what I see, I'll simply tell you.

    That being said, you should drop me a line if you think we might be compatible RP buddies.
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    Monday, September 5th, 2011

    Subject:Rough Seme Wanted.
    Posted by:the_yaoi_kitten.
    Time:8:19 pm.
    Name/Handle: Megs

    How to Contact Me: You can message me on here or email me at meggy_bunny@yahoo.com or aceofspades74@gmail.com

    I am Available to Play: I'm on sporadically throughout the day but I am on every day. So you should expect an rp reply at least once a day. I'm on EST time btw :3.

    Types of Ukes I Play: Whichever type you like, though a stubborn uke isn't really my forte. I really like to play the sweet and naive ukes who would blindly follow someone into an ally if they say they lost their cat, but I also like playing short-tempered ukes who need to be shoved up against the wall and forced into things before they actually give in.

    Genres: If it's good enough, I'm up for it.

    What Will Win Me Over: A rough/abusive but protective seme. A loving one wouldn't be too bad either. And someone who either already has a plot in mind or will help me come up with a plot :). Not to mention actually talk to me in OOC xD.

    What I Can't Stand:
    The totally emo woe-is-me types
    Extreme illiteracy(I understand a few grammatical errors but I don't want any badly misspelled words unless you're making a point.)
    Chat speak in the actual rp.

    Kinks: master/servant, torture, tentacles, bondage, neko, really anything where the uke gets tied up xD.

    RP Style: I would very much prefer the rp be written like a novel. But I understand not being able to type long winded responses. I myself manage about a paragraph or so on an average day. If you can do more, great. I'll do my best to match it. But I also understand having to use one-liners.

    Level: I've been rping for several years. I have pretty good idea as to what I'm doing xD. I'm good with new people so long as it's not one line every reply.

    The Offer Stands Until: Always, always, ALWAYS up for an rp. ALWAYS xD.

    Extra: I like having characters that have very vibrant hair colors, like crimson or golden blond. I don't... normally go with the unnatural color but if you want to try it, I'll give it a go xD.
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    Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

    Subject:Uke looking for a long-term seme.
    Posted by:kerennn.
    Time:4:04 am.
    Name/Handle: Laura.

    How to contact me: You can e-mail me at: omgifoundwaldo@live.co.uk or add me on MSN: laura_schulze@hotmail.co.uk I also roleplay as Naruto already over on bebo if you want to add me on there: www.bebo.com/dobe_

    I am available to play: I'm available online almost 24/7 unless something comes up - in which case I will let you know. I live in the UK but I stay up late most nights.

    Types of ukes I play: I prefer my uke's to keep some of their masculinity. But I'm pretty much open to anything just so long as they don't act too feminine.

    Genres: I don't mind roleplaying fandoms or OC's but I do like roleplaying the SasuNaru relationship if anybody wants to be the Sasuke to my Naruto?

    What will win me over: Hm, my uke will need somebody who is able to dominate and control 'em. Think you can handle that?

    What I can't stand: I'm open-minded and will give everything a shot first. So, there's nothing on this list so far!

    Kinks: I'll try anything. So, if you're really into something, just ask me!

    RP Style: Long, written like a novel.

    Level: I've been roleplaying for about 5 years. Writing for much longer.

    The offer stands until: --- Forever?

    Extra: I'm happy to roleplay through e-mails and MSN if that's what the other person wants. But, if somebody is willing to roleplay on Bebo that would be really helpful for me. Thanks a lot. Feel free to e-mail me or add me on MSN!
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    Saturday, July 9th, 2011

    Subject:Looking for a Seme for my Uke.
    Posted by:lady_blue_peach.
    Time:2:39 pm.
    Mood: chipper.

    Name/Handle: Blue
    How to Contact Me:  Email/MSN: Sassy_Blue_Kitty@yahoo.com

    I am Available to Play: I am usually available through out the week and weekend. I will have moments when I will need to pause and do some errands. My time zone is PST. Also, if you have a very different time zone it's fine I only rp through E-mail.

    Types of Ukes I Play: I am a smart Uke. I question everything I need a seme to be rough with me, and make me submit, but not just physically. I'm a strong willed uke but I trust, I can be very loyal.

    Genres: Urban Fantasy, Modern, Boarding School, Vampire, Wolves, Fae etc...(No Si-Fi, If I have not listed something please do ask)

    What Will Win Me Over:
    -Semes that are tough but kind. 
    -Semes that are dark but yet have a light side.
    -Basically: Have some balance.
    -Dominant and protective semes. ("This is mine and you can't have it!")
    -A good roleplayer
    -A roleplayer who doesn't mind smut
    - A roleplayer who doesn't mind not having a structured plot (or some PWP...sometimes)

    What I Can't Stand:
    -When a person refuses to help out with plot making
    -One liners (I will let you go if I feel you don't care)
    -Never contacting after a certain amount of time (Like a week without notice)
    -Gore, Scat/toilet, fisting, watersports, anthro, and beastilaity
    -God Modding
    -Unemotional characters/"Rock" type characters/Boring
    -Picky people on grammar (If it really is bad then I understand but if it's little then, no)
    -Rude people, who are very pushy and want immediate responses.
    -Semes who really aren't semes (Come on give me something)

    Kinks:  Bondage, vampires/servent, student/teacher, pet/slave/master,  spanking, collars...the list goes on. You may ask away, I won't bite, yet.

    RP Style: Third Person. Paragraph style. No '**' for actions unless we are just kidding around before we start the roleplay, other than that none what so ever

    I've been roleplaying for...10 yearsor so, newbies are welcome....we can try. My intros tend to be long. My normal post ranges from one to two paragraphs.

    The Offer Stands Until:
    Till I find a good seme

    Extra: Right now I'm only using one uke character, and one seke bear with me. 18 and older only may apply

    Comments: Add Your Own.

    Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

    Subject:Uke looking for some schoolboy romance fun
    Posted by:renzik.
    Time:4:27 am.
    Mood: artistic.
    Name/Handle: Lizzie.

    How to Contact Me:  AIM: Granis255 MSN: granis25@gmail.com E-Mail: granis25@gmail.com

    I am Available to Play: my Timezone is EST and I try to be online in the evenings as much as possible, but Tuesdays and Wedsdays are bad days.

    Types of Ukes I Play:  The Uke I'm interested in playing is a shy, but very flirtitious boy that often has a knack for winding up in trouble, because of his.... quirks. while Shy and having problems asserting himself, he tries to not be a pushover, but often he ends up having self-esteem issues, and, in some cases, he might actually blush and enjoy being bullied/kidnapped/pressured/etc.

    Genres: I like Modern settings and I quite like the idea of school setting, particularly all-boys school with school uniforms that I've come up with.

    What Will Win Me Over: being able to play ball with my kinks, overprotective Semes that pressure/kidnap/whisk away my uke, but never out of maliciousness, but out of pure love or lust.

    What I Can't Stand: I'm not going to be able to do WALLS OF TEXT every post, my posts tend to range, and if I give a lot one post, and do a shorter post, please don't yell at me. Also, please no scat, gore, watersports or other such grossouts please.

    Kinks: Shota is a must, I also LOVE light bondage (Nothing too cruel or painful please, I enjoy rope and gags, and I am particularly fond of nets, as well as sedative kidnappings.) I also have a thing for certain clothes and outfits, I'll discuss this with you if you're interested.

    RP Style: Novel Style, third person.

    Level: I've only been RPing for about a few years, and I definitely want to do it more often, if you can put up with my quirks/desires.

    Thanks for considering me!

    Comments: Read 1 orAdd Your Own.

    Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

    Subject:Seeking a Seme
    Posted by:darrienknight.
    Time:11:33 pm.
    Name/Handle: Darrien/Shi-chan

    How to Contact Me: MSN - fated.sin@hotmail.com

    I am Available to Play: Most nights, sometimes during the days, often on weekends; central time

    Types of Ukes I Play: I kind of play every kind of Uke, really, and Seme's and Seke's too. :> I RP with original 

    Genres: Original, modern day, supernatural, historical, fantasy, etc.

    What Will Win Me Over: A seme who doesn't take 3h hours to respond, who isn't afraid to get down and dirty, either ;D Nice, long-ish paragraphs (more than 3 lines) and smut o3o

    What I Can't Stand:  characters with no depth, God-moding.

    Kinks: I have no idea what a kink is but I'm into everything, really :D

    RP Style: Paragraphs please, third or first person~

    Level:  6 years, about :3

    The Offer Stands Until: FOREVER <3

    More; I often RP Yaoi or Yuri, but I do Het as well ^^
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    Saturday, September 25th, 2010

    Subject:Seeking serious semes soon.
    Posted by:generationxwing.
    Time:5:26 pm.
    Name/Handle: Mara

    How to Contact Me: AIM - BerzerkerFarfie, MSN - beautiful_midnight_@hotmail.com

    I am Available to Play: Pretty much every evening. Mountain time zone.

    Types of Ukes I Play: Snarky, kinky, almost the point of being a power bottom, but a bottom nonetheless.

    Genres: Original - modern.

    What Will Win Me Over: Cooperation with plots/plot points, angst, good writing, kinks, strong characters who don't make it really difficult to get to know them.

    What I Can't Stand: Asshole characters (for the sake of being assholes), players who expect me to figure out the plots and don't give me any information.

    Kinks: All of the above, baby.

    RP Style: Novel style, paragraphs preferred.

    Level: ...oh jesus, ten years. Holy crap.

    The Offer Stands Until: Whenever.
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